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Hertfordshire Supported Living

HOMESin were invited to Hertfordshire County Council’s ‘The Future of Adult Disability Accommodation’ event to present to housing and care partners. Hertfordshire is one of […]

HOMESin Present at the HouseMark Voids Club

HOMESin were delighted to present at HouseMark’s Voids Club on 17th October. HouseMark is jointly owned by the Chartered Institute of Housing and the National […]

HOMESin is the UK's Social Housing Portal

Visit our new website & be part of the HOMESin conversation

HOMESin is the UK’s supported and social housing portal. It enables local authorities, landlords and support providers to …

The UK’s Social Housing Portal

HOMESin is the UK’s social and supported housing portal. HOMESin is a social and supported housing combination of …

Introducing HOMESin part V

We feel the necessity for & the imminence of change in the social housing sector. HOMESin is …

Introducing HOMESin part IV

Landlords and support and care providers can list their housing vacancies in real time at no cost …

Introducing HOMESin part III 

The HOMESin platform might sound like an obvious solution, whilst it is, it has been years in the making, and involved a wide range of […]

Introducing HOMESin part II

Launching at Housing 2019 Conference

HOMESin is a Social Housing portal launching with a dedicated focus on supported housing. It will quickly develop to include a portal for Local Authorities […]

Introducing HOMESin part I

The UK's Social Housing Portal

HOMESin is an online social housing portal that enables LAs, the NHS, Partnership Boards & any other commissioning structures to access in real time what […]

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